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“新起点”——小额爱心资助The New Start Program for Child Victims

2012-06-05   来源:致诚公益律师   晁灵


  The New Start Program for Child Victims (the “Program”) was set up in September 2006, aimed at providing financial assistance to children from impoverished families, and those whose rights have been violated and could not receive adequate compensation. This program helps these children to re-establish the will and confidence,allowing for a new start to their lives.


  Since its establishment, the Program has provided support and benefited close to 300 children, including orphans, child laborers, sexual abuse victims, injured school children and other severe personal injury victims. The beneficiaries came from different provinces around the country, including Szechuan, Guizhou, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Anhui, Henan, Qinghai, Ningxia and nine other provinces. Financial support was used mainly for education, professional vocational training, psychological counseling, and necessary medical help.




  Five cases from the Program:




  1. Parents imprisoned for Drug Abuse; Gifted Daughter gained Admission to Law School

  In 2004, 17 year old Fu, whilst in her last year of high school, was notified that her father had been taken into the detention center due to drug abuse, and her mother was imprisoned for drug dealing. Despite her family mishaps and difficulties, Fu continued to study hard at school.

  On learning about her situation, the Children’s Center took into consideration of Fu’s hardship, and provided the necessary financial support for her final year of high school. Fu was so moved when she received the funding, she could not hold back her tears. Fu subsequently gained admission to one of Beijing’s top law schools.

  2、父亲遇害身亡 地震灾区姐弟获资助



  2. Father Murdered, Szechuan Earthquake Zone Siblings granted Assistance

  Luo and her brother were students in a Szechuan middle school. On 3 August 2007, their father was robbed and murdered in Beijing. His perpetrators were sentenced to 15 years imprisonment and a fine of RMB310,000 but were unable to afford such compensation as their respective families were from rural areas with no source of income.

  During the trial, Szechuan was hit by a strong earthquake, the Luo siblings’ home was also affected. By the time the perpetrators were sentenced, the Luo family home had already collapsed in the earthquake. The siblings’ grandparents were elderly and ailing, and the whole family relied on their mother’s meager RMB800 monthly salary for survival.

  The Children’s Center took into account of their special circumstances, and decided to grant RMB2000 to each of the siblings, exceeding the usual limit of RMB1000 per person. The family received a total subsidy of RMB4000. Upon receiving the grant, Luo’s mother responded emotionally, “I had already lost all hope, and did not think there were people who cared about us. With this grant, I will bring up my children, no matter how difficult life is!”




  3. Sponsoring Emergency Surgery for Sanlu Milk Powder Victim

  Two year old Xiao Jiang, was fed Sanlu milk powder ever since he was a baby. Both parents are farmers from Linggao County in Hainan Province. His mother suffers from mental illness and they live with Jiang’s deaf and dumb 70 year old grandmother. In August 2007, Xiao Jiang began to have difficulties urinating, and despite numerous times of hospitalization and treatment, showed no signs of improvement and his condition worsened. In September 2008, Xiao Jiang was transferred to Haikou City Hospital for treatment, the doctors found kidney stones in both kidneys as well as kidney fluids. Taking into account Xiao Jiang’s family background and health condition, the Hainan government provided financial assistance for one surgery – removing three stones from his right kidney. Unable to afford medical expenses, Xiao Jiang could not receive a second surgery on his left kidney, and his condition improved little.

  The Children’s Center took into account Xiao Jiang’s family’s financial difficulties, his immediate need for surgery, and the lack of compensation from Sanlu, and granted RMB2000 to him. Xiao Jiang has now undergone his second sugery and recovering well.




  4. Orphaned girl received assistance

  Single mother Ma picked garbage for a living. Her daughter, 13 year old Xiao Yan was sensible, studied hard and lived up to her mother’s expectations. Ma lost her job when the government closed down the garbage dump last year. Xiao Yan was forced to leave school to work in a restaurant, and mother and daughter relied on a mere RMB300 monthly salary for survival. The neighbors were very fond of them, and tried to provide assistance in many ways. Tragically, Ma was beaten to death by his brother and Xiao Yan became an orphan.

  The Children’s Center learnt of Xiao Yan’s situation through the Qinghai Youth League, and decided to grant her RMB2000. Some kind-hearted people have expressed their willingness to provide financial support for Xiao Yan’s education; the Children’s Center has passed on such encouragement to Xiao Yan through Qinghai Youth League, and is currently liaising with the relevant government departments to resolve Xiao Yan’s household registration, social welfare subsidy and other problems, providing assistance for her basic survival.



  5. Sexual abuse Victim falls into Depression, New Start Program brings back warmth to the soul

  Between Spring 2006 to November 2006, 12 year old Xiao Qian was seduced repeatedly in exchange for pocket money by villager 71 year old Wang Dianen and his 18 year old grandson Wang Li. Xiao Qian’s father was made aware of this situation when he discovered Xiao Qian had extra money and questioned her. On 9 December 2006, Xiao Qian’s father reported the case to the police, but due to the lack of evidence, no charges were made and the two suspects walked free.

  Xiao Qian subsequently left school and sank into depression at home. The Children’s Center learnt of Xiao Qian’s unfortunate circumstances: Xiao Qian’s mother died when she was less than a year old; her grandmother is mentally retarded; her family lives in poverty in a mud hut; her father, hit by all these misfortunes, is in poor form. The Children’s Center decided to grant RMB1000 to Xiao Qian, to encourage her to face her problems and live life positively. We have learnt that Xiao Qian is now better and improving slowly.

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